Last year I was asked to help Mike Lockwood and Kirk Shinmoto paint a huge mural for the first episode of the new season of Arrested Development.  I’m proud to finally share that with you guys today.  The production designer, Dan Butts, asked us to create a digital painting in the style of classic travel posters.  However, he also wanted us to include a lot of easter eggs for the die hard fans.  I’ve been a huge fan of the show since college, so the project was a dream come true.  Initially, we had to do a bunch of brainstorming, which really just meant joking around about our favorite moments from the first three seasons until we had a list long enough to make a painting from.  We sent our ideas back to Dan in the form of a quick sketch that would later form the backbone of the painting.  After that got approved, we divided the painting into thirds, Mike taking the first part, Kirk taking the second, while I took the third.  Two or three days of nonstop painting followed, but somehow it all came together.  So anyway, I hope you guys enjoy the painting as much as we enjoyed making it.  This really was a labor of love.

Oh cool, I always wanted to see this in detail!