It doesn’t take long for a kid to watch the Muppets before they fall in love with them. Because I’ll tell you, there’s a visceral difference with the Muppets and CGI. You could touch Kermit; he exists in our world. You could potentially meet Kermit. But you’ll never meet Shrek; he lives in a computer. I saw a little girl hug Kermit [on set], and then we started filming a minute later and she was sitting behind the monitors, this like 7-year-old girl, and she screamed out, “That’s my friend! I know him.” I think that’s the difference when it comes to Muppets. But the last Muppet movie was twelve years ago. This generation, from zero to 12, they’ve grown up with no Muppet movie in their lives and that just seemed crazy to me, because it really influenced who I wanted to be.