June 17th, 1994


(So my mistake, this actually originally aired last year. Regardless, there’s a direct link to a nice iDevice compatible mp4, 370mb, 51 minutes long)

So wait, Sam watched a sports documentary and liked it? Well it’s not really a sports documentary, it’s a cultural look at a date when a number of sports-related things happened. The focus is on the pursuit and arrest of accused murderer Orenthal James “O. J.” Simpson. The documentary also presents the various other sporting events that were coincidentally happening that day, and how they dealt with this story.

Running the numbers on this, I was only 7 at the time, so, as it turns out, I didn’t actually know/remember as much of this story as I thought I did. Which is good, because the entire story is told through news footage. No talking head interviews, no experts, no celebrities reflecting back, just raw footage.

And what a strange look at the day it is. The director makes the case that this was the start of our fascination with “reality television”, and it would be hard to argue with that. Just the sheer amount of news coverage that must have been available to cut this together is a testament to that. So stop reading, go watch this, and further your fascination.

Oh, also, Bob Costas is an upstanding journalist beyond reproach.

Check this out.