Movies! In parks and parking lots!

Hey local nerds! There’s free movies playing in Victoria on Saturday/Monday/Wednesday for the next three weeks, so come on out!

  • Saturday, August 4th - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in Beacon Hill Park
  • Monday, August 6th - Ghostbusters in Topaz Park
  • Wednesday, August 8th - Princess Bride in Drive-In at Mayfair Mall parking lot

  • Saturday, August 11th - Harry in Your Pocket(?) in Beacon Hill Park
  • Monday, August 13th - Back to the Future in Topaz Park
  • Wednesday, August 15th - Jaws in Drive-In at Mayfair Mall parking lot

  • Saturday, August 18th - Beetlejuice! in Beacon Hill Park
  • Monday, August 20th - Top Gun in Topaz Park
  • Wednesday, August 25th - Goonies in Drive-In at Mayfair Mall parking lot

  • Saturday, August 25th - WarGames in Beacon Hill Park


So I’m yet to weigh in on Prometheus, yet, except to say that if nothing else, it prompts much though and discussion.

On that theme, here’s a bunch of links that should provide some food for thought for everyone who’s seen the movie.

  • Two interviews with Ridley Scott
  • Some symbolic analysis of the film that tried to straighten out some plot points as well
  • Two fairly different reviews from writers at /Film
  • An interview with Damon Lindelof talking about Prometheus and Lost in a more general sense. This is the only one without spoilers.

I guess what I’m saying is: Go see Prometheus, and we’ll talk about it.


2011: The Cinescape | Matt Shapiro

If you take time out of your day to watch one end-of-the-year montage of the films of 2011, make sure it’s Matt Shapiro’s 2011: The Cinescape. This is one of the best things you’ll see on the interwebs this year. Brilliant stuff going on here.

Matt Shapiro always does a really good job of these. This year is no exception.

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Nicolas Cage’s copy of Action Comics #1 sells for record $2.16 million


A near-mint copy of Action Comics #1 owned by actor Nicolas Cagesold at auction tonight for a record $2.16 million.  

Graded at 9.0, the rare 1938 comic easily surpassed the previous record of $1.5 million set in March 2010 for the same issue, featuring the first appearance of Superman. That copy was graded slightly lower, at 8.5.

 Vincent Zurzolo, chief operating officer of ComicConnect/Metropolis Collectibles, told Comic Riffs that the issue that sold this evening — bidding closed at 7:25 p.m. ET — is the best copy of Action Comics he’s ever seen.  

“The buyer was extremely excited about the prospect of bidding on this,” he said. “I think he had an adrenalin rush for the last two hours.”  

The comic was stolen from Cage’s Los Angeles home in 2000, and discovered in April by an unidentified man who claims to have bought the contents of an abandoned San Fernando Valley, California, storage locker. Although Zurzolo wouldn’t reveal the comic’s previous owner, he did confirm that his company played a role in its recovery.  About 100 copies of Action Comics #1 are believed to exist, but only a handful of those are in good condition.


You know times are hard for Nic Cage when he’s selling off his prize near-mint copy of Action Comics #1.

No, he’s just going to make a movie about stealing it back.

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The Victoria Free-B Film Festival

Looks like a great lineup this year. I’m going to plan on going to every single one of these.

Pee Wee’s Big Adventure Fri, Aug 5 - Beacon Hill Park

Teen Wolf Sat, Aug 6 - Beacon Hill Park

Muppets from Space Fri, Aug 12 - Centennial Square (City Hall)

Young Frankenstein Sat, Aug 13 - Beacon Hill Park

Masters of the Universe Fri, Aug 19 - Centennial Square (City Hall)

Who is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe? Sat, Aug 20 - Beacon Hill Park

Steamboy Fri, Aug 26 - Beacon Hill Park

Short Circuit Sat, Aug 27 - Beacon Hill Park