RIP Party Down.

a quick question to the universe: where the hell does Starz get off cancelling the only show on their entire network that anyone i know watches/talks about? how does that make sense?

I think it’s because Adam Scott (a.k.a. Henry) was leaving the show for a regular role on Parks and Recreation. It’s one thing for Jane Lynch to leave the show, but she wasn’t the lynchpin (sorry) of the series—Henry was. No one else in the cast could hold the show together. He was the sane central character that all the others circled around. And in a way the implication in the final scene in the show—that Henry has finally turned his life around and gone out to pursue his dreams rather than be mired forever in the purgatory of Party Down—is really the only logical note to end the series on. He completed his story arc. He returned to Party Down at the beginning of the series having given up on his acting dreams (and giving up on life, really) and eventually discovered that chasing his dreams was the only thing to do. He got out. He won.

Don’t get me wrong. Party Down is one of my favourite shows in years and I find it incredibly sad that it’s being cancelled, but I can honestly say that I am happy with where it left off. I am happy for Henry.

"Are we having fun yet?”

Just a friendly reminder that Party Down is back for season 2. If you aren’t watching this show, you really need to be. It’s got a sort of Arrested Development vibe to it, and is really just some funny stuff.